Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Gunther, Jade Cargill, Seth Rollins & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Gunther, Jade Cargill, Seth Rollins & More
June 12, 2022

Matt Cardona is no longer the NWA World Champion. I think we should riot! But anyhow, Congrats to the new 2-Time NWA Champion, Trevor Murdoch. Harley would be very proud. Let’s do the Q&A.

Do you think Gunther will bring importance back to the Intercontinental championship?

It all depends on how WALTER is booked, but yes, I think of everyone currently on the Smackdown roster, Gunther is probably the man with the best chance of making that IC title mean something again.

Thinking about Ruby Soho losing 3 out of 3 title matches…but being significantly more featured on TV than in WWE…which is a bigger measure of success – winning big matches or getting more TV time?

TV time is great, but if you’re being booked to lose every single time the fans see you on television, how great is it really? Less TV time, but more wins seems like the better deal to me.

How would you eventually turn Jade Cargill face?

I wouldn’t. She’s fine just as she is.

Do you think there will be a Survivor Series style match at Forbidden Door?

Nothing has been announced as of yet, but I would think a New Japan versus AEW multi-man match is almost a certainty.

If you had to choose to get a beat down from these, who would you choose? A) The Blackpool Combat Club B) The Nexus or C) Brock Lesner.

I’d pick Brock because he’s only one man and after a suplex and then maybe an F-5, he’d be through. The other options mean many men with many finishers and most likely, many more bruises and stiff shots as a result.

What if Seth wins MITB this year and holds it all the way to Mania next year to do the heist of the century once again? Have Roman beat Rock or whoever completely and then be attacked as he celebrates.

It works for me, but I’d have Rock beat Roman, to get the great press and publicity, and then Seth cashes to get the belt off the Rock. More press and publicity. And then Seth and Roman can fight over the titles while Rock goes back to Hollywood.

Do you believe WWE is going to go all out to sign The Fiend? Their lack of top draw names is surely worrying them.

I’d love to see Bray Wyatt, as Bray Wyatt and not The Fiend, return to WWE. I don’t know if Vince and WWE are going all out to get this man back on their roster, but I’m pretty sure some discussion and reaching out to Wyatt has taken place.

What’s the one wrestling conspiracy theory you would love to have the answer to?

What was in the Manilla Envelope that Baby Doll and Larry Zbyszko threatened Dusty Rhodes with way back in the early days of WCW? Zbyszko was the Western States Champion and Baby Doll was by his side. Dusty was coming for them, but they had this envelope and threatened to reveal the contents if Dusty didn’t back off. And then the angle was dropped and we never found out what was in that envelope. I still want to know.

What was your favorite wrestling persona that was gimmicked around a job? Who was the worst?

The best was Repo Man. And the worst? TL Hopper. A wrestling plumber? Give me a break!

If you could go back and watch a wrestler that was in their prime before you became a fan, who would it be?

Swede Hanson. I became a fan of Big Swede during his later years as he had started doing jobs for Crockett and had a brief WWF run as a lower mid-card guy, but I’ve heard stories about how dominant he was tag-teaming with Rip Hawk in the last ’60s and early ’70s. I’ve managed to watch a couple of clips on YouTube of these men in their heyday, but I would definitely love to see more.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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