Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Alan Angels, Chris Benoit, Bulldog Brower & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Alan Angels, Chris Benoit, Bulldog Brower & More
July 7, 2022

A bittersweet day in the world of pro wrestling. Okay, maybe not quite that, but some tough topics today as part of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Yeah, I might get a bit vocal here. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Harley Race versus Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Who wins?

If it was a battle of the microphone, the win would go to the man nicknamed “The Body”, but when it comes to in the ring, man on man, there is no doubt that the “Toughest Man on God’s green earth” would walk out with his arm raised in victory.

Thoughts & memories of Dick “The Bulldog” Brower.

Bulldog Brower, a stalwart villain of the pro wrestling scene all through the 70s and early 80s, was a very unique character. Think of The Sheik or Abdullah The Butcher, but not foreign and slightly more cuckoo than Cocoa Puffs. I only knew of him through the Apter Mags, who chronicled his insane antics with manager Captain Lou Albano quite frequently. He was quick to use the foreign object, bite, use the chair, or just ramble before bashing someone in the face. I never saw him in real life, but damn, what a great wrestling character.

On a personal note, I have a little history with his son, Bulldog Brower Jr. Well, he claimed to be Brower’s son, but I have my doubts. We both worked for The Wrestling Informer website. I did recaps of Sunday Night Heat, Monday Night RAW, and wrote a column called Tossing Salt: Worldwide News. Brower joined the site to write a column and not long after he came aboard, he messaged me about working a feud between our columns. Just trade some back and forth insults, have a worked internet feud, etc. I was game and for maybe two columns, it went well. Then he went off the deep end and got pissed at some low-key comments I made. He could dish it out, but couldn’t take it. And long story short, too late I know, he complained to the site owner threatening lawsuits against the site and personal violence against me and my family. He turned out to be a total piece of shit in my opinion and he was gone very quickly. And if by some chance he ever reads this, Bullfrog Flower Junior, fuck you! And now, let’s move on.

Alan Angels was released from AEW and is now at Impact Wrestling. Do you think Angels will do well at Impact?

I was sad to see this happen because, although he rarely got to wrestle on TV, Alan was a big part of the Sammy Guevera VLOG and was quickly becoming the breakout star of the weekly episodes. Alan is a damn good wrestler and showed such personality and character in the VLOG, I think his character in AEW was greatly misused. And now, it’s off to Impact with a clean slate and fresh start. I think he’ll do very well if he’s allowed to be himself and let the character he showed on the VLOG shine through. Alan is only 24 years old and I think he’ll be a big name one day and this move to Impact. it’s a great way to start.

Impact Wrestling star Jordynne Grace said this. “This is gonna be the coldest take I ever tweet on this app. I already know y’all gonna be mad. I don’t think Benoit could 100% hang with most of the present day best wrestlers. He would not be able to remember matches. Also may he burn in hell, amen.” Thoughts?

Sighs If Grace had just said that Benoit should burn in hell and stopped there, it would have been fine. We all know what Benoit did and although the circumstances regarding his mental health might provide additional context, the bottom line is Benoit killed his wife and son, and for that, fuck him! But then Grace had to say that part about how Benoit couldn’t hang with present-day wrestlers. Despite everything else, Benoit was a top wrestler with a Hall of Fame-worthy career. On instinct alone, Benoit could wrestle circles around 90% of the so-called top stars of today’s wrestling. The majority of the top stars today don’t know a wristlock from a wristwatch or how to call a match and tell a story. It’s high spot after high spot and everything is scripted out and worked out beforehand. Benoit and the wrestlers of his era didn’t have to “remember matches”. They called it in the ring, as it should be. Grace is just showing her ignorance and what a mark she truly is with her comments.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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