Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Dominick, Kenny Omega, Fantasy Booking & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Dominick, Kenny Omega, Fantasy Booking & More
October 16, 2022

It’s 3:00 in the morning and I just woke up after having some weird ass dreams about what else? Wrestling. And since wrestling is already on the mind, let’s take advantage and clean out my inbox. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Are you awake? Let’s do this.

If you could create a team of any wrestlers, past or present, to do an Invasion angle with WWE, who would you have on your team?

I’d need a team that has a great speaker/talker, some power, and a little finesse. So let’s go with Jim Cornette leading the charge and the wrestlers involved would be The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane), Vader, Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria), and The Masked Superstar.

Should WWE have a Television Championship?

While I like the idea of a title, defended weekly on either RAW or Smackdown, where there is a time limit of 10-15 minutes, I don’t think the concept would work anymore. Wrestling fans today don’t have the patience for the longer bouts of actual wrestling that this would create, plus there are too many titles already in the WWE as it is. It’s not nearly as bloated as the AEW scene, WWE needs to re-separate the WWE/Universal and tag team titles again, but that being said, a TV title is an outdated idea. I’d love to see it, but it wouldn’t work in today’s wrestling market.

Recast the TV series Star Trek using WWE/AEW superstars.

Captain Kirk would be played by The Miz. Mr. Spock, let’s go with GUNTHER. Mr. Sulu would be Wheeler Yuta. Scotty would be Jon Moxley. Dr. McCoy would be played by William Regal and Lt. Uhara, let’s put Bayley in that role. And the WWE backstage security as the red-shirts, because they’re all going to get slaughtered anyway.

Recast Buffy the Vampire Slayer using WWE/AEW superstars.

Buffy, played by Alexa Bliss. Willow, played by Bayley. Xander, played by Heath Slater. Angel, played by Dolph Ziggler. Spike, played by Edge. Giles, played by William Regal. Dawn, played by Tay Conti. Tara, played by Liv Morgan. Andrew, played by Sammy Guevera. And there you go.

Thoughts on Dominick Mysterio?

I like the recent switch to the dark side by Dominick, and he’s growing on me. I’ve never been that impressed by the younger Mysterio, but I think that was as much due to being overshadowed by his father as anything else. He’s still not a must-see in my eyes, but he’s getting better and I’m actually interested in the character now, something that I couldn’t honestly say before. The facial expressions, the body language, etc., he’s getting there. It should be fun to see where he goes. I don’t think he’ll ever be a World Champion. but I’m beginning to see a strong career ahead. Best of luck to him.

How would you book Heath Slater to return to the WWE?

I’d book someone doing the “Beating Legends” gimmick that Heath did back in the build to RAW 1000, but this time, Heath comes out and takes offense to someone mocking him and trying to steal his gimmick. And then Heath lays them out with a pair of brass knucks, letting that person (and the entire WWE) know he’s back.

”Playboy” Buddy Rose & “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers, managed by Sheri Martel versus “The Judgement Day” Damion Priest & Finn Balor, with Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio. Who wins?

Forget about the guys in the ring. Watching Sherri Martel and Rhea Ripley fight at the ringside would be the best part of the match. As for the main event of Rose/Somers versus Priest/Valor, my money would be on The Judgement Day. They’d win the match, but get a major ass-whooping in the process.

Who would have been four wrestlers that you would have put in a group purely based on the fear that they could instill in the crowd?

The Sheik, Abdullah the Butcher, Ox Baker, and Jos LeDuc.

Should King Kong Bundy be in the Hall of Fame? How about Sid Vicious? Lex Luger?

Definitely a yes to all three men who definitely all belong in the WWE Hall of Fame, the sooner the better.

Triple H should book Pat McAfee vs. Corey Graves or Pat McAfee vs. The Miz at WrestleMania 39. Agree or disagree?

Pat McAfee versus The Miz just doesn’t really appeal to me all that much for some reason. It would be fun and a good match with some excellent promos, but after Miz versus Logan Paul and McAfee versus Baron Corbin, it just doesn’t have that appeal anymore. But Pat versus Corey, that would be excellent and fun to see. The promos and build would be off the charts and it would be great to see Corey back in the ring again.

I saw that Kenny Omega’s contract with AEW is due to expire in January 2023, but AEW has the option to extend the deal for 8 months due to the time Omega was gone due to his injuries. Do you think Omega will stay with AEW or try to go to WWE? What lies ahead for The Sweeper?

These past few months have shown that Omega isn’t the draw or the big star that Tony Khan thought he was and the ratings are actually better when Omega is not there. I’m sure that Khan would make him a nice offer to stick around in AEW, but if that doesn’t happen, I expect that Omega will slink on back to Japan with his head down and his tail between his legs. I don’t expect WWE to be interested, nor should they be.

Was Bray’s return so well received because it was just that good presentation wise or was it because we all expected WWE to once again let us down and it is some other wrestler’s return?

It was extremely well received because it was Bray Wyatt and the WWE fans were happy to see him back. Also, it was well done as a return and that didn’t hurt, but big biggest reason it worked was due to it being Bray.

Luna Vachon versus Rhea Ripley. Who wins?

In a worked environment, it would probably be Ripley winning, but in a shoot, it would be Luna all day long. Man, this would be such an awesome match to witness. RIP Luna, we miss you!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. I know I’ve been slack as of late, but I’ll try to be better in the days and weeks to come. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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