Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Nick Aldis, MJF, Jinder Mahal & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Nick Aldis, MJF, Jinder Mahal & More
November 16, 2022

As I wait for someone to get ready to go to the store to get cat food and drinks, I find I probably have quite a bit of free time on my hands. So what so ever shall I do? Another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? I just checked my e-mails and I have plenty of questions waiting so why the hell not? Let’s talk wrestling. Woo woo woo, you know it!

Rick Steamboat versus The Junkyard Dog versus Hulk Hogan. Who wins?

With most bookers, Hogan would win. He’s the big star and main event guy, right? Well, I’m not like most bookers. Steamboat wins with a pin on JYD while Hogan is distracted by something outside the ring.

Would Nick Aldis be better off going to WWE or AEW?

In AEW, he’d quickly be lost in the shuffle, but WWE would find a spot for him, using him as a strong mid-card wrestler with the main event push every time WWE does a tour of Europe. WWE would be the best call for Aldis.

When Ring Of Honor gets a tv deal, the person to take the ROH title off of Jericho should be Eddie Kingston. Agree or disagree?

Disagree. Kingston is a good talker, but he gets stale fast. The best person who is currently in the company right now for taking the title from Jericho would be Claudio Castagnoli.

Favorite luchador ever?

The man, the myth, The Juice. Juventud Guerrera.

Does MJF win clean or is he still in collusion with The Firm and Stokley Hathaway? Meaning will he cheat to win with their help?

Personally, I think if MJF goes face, it will be like the kiss of death for his character. I would go with Stokley and The Firm to lend some aid, keeping the heel MJF alive and well.

Logan Paul is rumored to be considered as a possible opponent for Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. Would you like to see that match happen?

Logan Paul versus Stone Cold Steve Austin? I like the CM Punk versus Austin idea that being teased a little better, but if it’s not Punk and turns out to be Paul wrestling Austin at Mania, I can get behind that one as well. Hell yeah!

How would you resurrect the career and push for Jinder Mahal in WWE?

It’s simple. Have him tweak his character, maybe get a good manager like Robert Stone in NXT or Zelina Vega, and then start winning. Just be serious, have good matches, and win and the fans will come. Maybe a Jinder/Corbin tag team managed by JBL? That would work too.

Do you think Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green will end up back in the WWE?

Well, Green recently gave her notice and left Impact Wrestling while Cardona allegedly has stopped taking Indy bookings and is now finishing up with his prior obligations. With all of that in mind, I’d say that the chances of Cardona and Green showing up as part of the Royal Rumble perhaps, would be pretty strong.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions you may have about pro wrestling or anything at all are welcome and very much appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here for now. Be safe, watch out for foreign objects, and I’ll see you at the matches.


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