Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Hardy Boyz, Kevin Owens, Eric Young & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Hardy Boyz, Kevin Owens, Eric Young & More
December 1, 2022

We’re in catch-up mode. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready for some professional wrestling? Let’s do this.

Arn Anderson versus “Outlaw” Ron Bass. Who wins?

Similar in size and style, this would be one hell of a slobber-knocker of a match. Nothing pretty or fancy, but just two of the most solid tough guys going at it. And I think that Bass would probably end up with the win. This one could go either way and it couldn’t be called an upset in the slightest. Most likely, it would end up in a no-contest with both men disqualified or counted out of the ring, but if there has to be a winner, I’ll go with The Outlaw.

Favorite Enhancement Talent (Not Jobbers) of all time?

Bill and Randy, the Mulkey Brothers, were the first names that came to mind, along with Rocky Johnson. They weren’t big stars and didn’t win often, but they had that “It” going for them. Mark Starr & The Gambler come to mind as well.

Thoughts on the Hardy Boyz?

Matt & Jeff are two local boys who followed their dreams, put in the time and work, and have become arguably two legends in this business we all know and love. Honestly, I was more of an Edge & Christian guy than Team EXtreme back in the day, but I’ve met Matt & Jeff and they’re cool dudes, especially Jeff. I hate it for Jeff that he’s fighting against his demons and they’ve essentially destroyed his career. Matt is still kicking and can still go with the best of them. The Hardy Boys are what tag teams like The Young Bucks aspire to be, as they should. Good wrestlers and good guys who did it right and have had a Hall of Fame career as a result.

This best of 7 series is a bad idea and I don’t think it’s a smart idea. By the 7th match, the fans are gonna be bored. It’s gonna be the same stuff every match. Agree or not.

I agree.

Based on the antics of The Elite this past Wednesday night, do you think CM Punk will be returning to AEW?

It’s hard to say. I honestly don’t think so because a return to AEW would mean that all the parties involved in the backstage locker room fight have agreed to be adults and turn a lemon into lemonade, making money off their personal issues. I don’t see that happening here. Punk could maybe do it and possibly even Omega could act like a professional for a change, but Matt & Nick, the Hardly Boys, aren’t that smart or grown-up. I think their antics on Wednesday were just taking a few cheap shots at Punk, trying to be funny, and all it’s doing is giving Punk more ammo for his lawyers when he decides to get that buyout on his contract and take AEW/Tony to court. Punk isn’t coming back.

Eric Young is better than Daniel Bryan. Agree or disagree?

It’s like comparing apples to oranges or Tim Burton to Kevin Smith. Both are excellent at what they do and are tremendous talents. Who is better is just a matter of perception. I like both guys.

When his in-ring career starts to slow down or ends, I really hope that Kevin Owens transitions to a ring-side commentator. Every time he is a guest, he makes me laugh with his one-liners. I think he could be very good. Thoughts?

I think Kevin Owens is a great talker, quick-witted, and knows about the wrestler business and all aspects of it as well as anyone and is better than most. When the days of taking bumps are over, a job as a commentator would be a great role to transition into. I agree.

Would you be interested in seeing David Arquette show up in either WWE or AEW?

Honestly, I would love to see Arquette show up and do an angle in either company. I don’t want to see him wrestle, although he proved a couple of years ago that he’s capable and can wrestle if needed and desired. But playing on his status as a former WCW Champion, I’d like to see him used in some capacity by one of the major companies. He loves the business and would be respectful and do things right. Use him.

Do you see anyone utilizing a six-sided ring again?

Unless it’s for a one-shot match or special event, I think the six-sided ring is and should remain history.

If you could suggest a woman to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, who would it be?

Aside from the usual suspects of Victoria, Jazz, Woman, Miss Linda (along with Adrian Street), Miss Elizabeth, and Sapphire, the two names that come to mind for me are Ann Casey, former U.S. Women’s Champion and an amazing lady in every sense, or former AWA Women’s Champion Penny Banner. Both ladies are very well deserving and belong in the WWE Hall of Fame for their great careers and the legacies that they left behind.

And there you go. Another edition in the books for the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are very welcome and appreciated. And with that, it’s time to call it a day. I’ll probably be back later with more, but I’m not making any promises. Until the next time, take care and be good, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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