Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Top Tag Team, William Regal in WWE, Rick Steiner & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Top Tag Team, William Regal in WWE, Rick Steiner & More
December 10, 2022

Today is a big day for pro wrestling. You have the ROH PPV tonight, the NXT Premium Live Event tonight, and a live show from ACW/C.A.G.E. tonight in my hometown of Laurinburg, NC. In the words of Ray Stevens, the singer and not the wrestler, “It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!” And those three live events are not enough. We also have the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Who says I don’t love you? Let’s do this.

Name a WWE dream match (currently) that you want to see happen in 2023.

How about Bray Wyatt versus Kevin Owens? That would be a good fight and fun to see. Brock Lesnar versus Bron Breakker could be fun to see. And what the hell? How about R-Truth versus Sami Zayn, just for the promos alone?

Pro Wrestling Illustrated named The Usos as the #1 Tag Team of 2022. Are they right or should it have been FTR?

While FTR is definitely one of the best tag teams in the world today, they’ve been hampered by bad booking by Tony Khan and AEW. They are often forced to go weeks in between television appearances. The Usos wrestle several times a week and always deliver, be it television or house shows. The Usos deserve to be number one.

Now that Tony Khan has confirmed that William Regal is returning to WWE, in what role should WWE use him? He can’t appear on TV for a year from what I understand so the on-air authority figure is out. What would you have him do?

I’m sure that Regal will be kept quite busy backstage working as a scout, a trainer, and whatever other roles that HHH assigns to him. As for his former role as the General Manager of NXT, Shawn Michaels seems to have taken that spot so Regal isn’t needed there. Just let him work off the camera until the non-compete about being on TV runs out and then have him come back in a big storyline to a massive pop.

Would you like to see Vince McMahon do a podcast?

It would never happen. It would be interesting at first, but remember how bad Flair’s first attempts at podcasting were, how he just kind of rambled with one-word answers and was there physically, but not mentally. I think Vince would be ten times worse. Vince is a live-for-the-moment person in my opinion and sitting there for several hours a week answering what-if questions and being second-guessed about past decisions, I think would get old to him quickly. An interview here or there would be great. An autobiography would be great. A Vince podcast? Probably not so much.

It looks like AEW will be elevating RickyStarks into a feud with MJF. What do you think of Starks and is this a good move?

I think this is an excellent move for Starks and should allow him to quickly elevate to the next level. Starks is a good wrestler with lots of charisma, talent, etc. He has all the makings of a future star and definitely has that “It-Factor” that everyone is always looking for. I’m excited about this feud with MJF and looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

Baron Von Raschke (in his prime) versus Austin Theory. Who wins?

I like Theory and he’s going to be a strong talent for WWE for many years to come, but never take The Baron for granted. In his prime, the Baron was a wrestling machine with a strong amateur background and could put on some excellent matches. He often let his character overshadow his in-ring ability, but I have no doubts that the Baron could give Theory a great schooling in the art of having a great match. And the Baron would win with the Claw. And dat’ is all de’ people need to know!

Thoughts on George Wells?

I remember seeing Wells come to Crockett in the early 80s where he was part of a tag team with Dewey Robertson, aka The Missing Link, and they held the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship titles. I don’t recall ever hearing him give a promo, but he was smooth in the ring and just a solid, strong wrestler. He wasn’t flashy and didn’t really have a character, but he was just good. He was only in Crockett for about a year or so before moving on to the Central States, I believe.

Dustin Rhodes has announced that 2023 will be his last year as an active wrestler. What “dream matches” would you like to see Dustin have before he hangs up the boots?

Dustin versus Dalton Castle could be a good match. Another match against Cody to close things out could be fun to see. And hell, Dustin versus MJF for the AEW World Championship. Why not?

Let’s settle this…Greatest NWA World Champion of ALL TIME?

The toughest man on God’s green earth, Harley Race. Flair may have held the belt more times, but Harley cemented the reputation of the NWA Championship and made it into the then most-respected and valued title in wrestling. Harley was THE Champion and even Flair would agree.

Thoughts on Rick Steiner?

As a character, I was never a big fan of Steiner. But as an in-ring performer, I have nothing but absolute respect for the Dog-Faced Gremlin. He’s a legit wrestling machine. He’s a true tough guy and not a person whose bad side I would ever hope to be on. The simpleton character, the talking to a face painted on his hand, the playing the goof, that all got old pretty quickly. But once that bell rang and he was serious, few could do it better. Just a tough and talented man.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here for the night. Take care and be well, my friends. I’ll see you next time. Enjoy all the wrestling tonight. I know I will.


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