Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: William Regal, MJF, Jim Cornette & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
William Regal, MJF, Jim Cornette & More
December 14, 2022

I was trying to think of something clever and witty to say to start off this column. I have nothing. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Thoughts on the Elite using Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas as their intro? I love the song so I’m all in for it.

I love the song too and any chance that the band Kansas has to make some money and get their music out there, I’m all for it as well. I’m not a fan of The Elite by any means, but I’ll give them credit for having good tastes in music.

Tony Khan wants to use Jake Roberts, and Arn Anderson more on AEW TV. How should he bring them back to TV and book them?

I think having Jake just kind of pop up, recruit some of the talents on the AEW roster who need a little rub, and just being a regular face for AEW would be sufficient. As for Arn, he’s already managing his son, Brock, so book Brock more on television, maybe align him with Brian Pillman Jr. for that Horseman connection, and use them as a tag team with Arn as their manager. It’s not hard.

Who Wins: Deonna Purazzo Vs Rhea Ripley?

Deonna Purazzo is a very talented woman and can hold her own against anyone, but Rhea is getting the strong push and has been on fire as of late. I’d book Rhea to win.

Allegedly, WWE won’t be able to use William Regal on TV for one year as a condition for his release from his AEW contract. Should WWE use him on TV anyhow or how could they get around this clause in the contract?

I think there are plenty of things for Regal to do in WWE and NXT to keep him occupied for the next year or so without needing to put him on television. Just let him work as a trainer, work with his son and others behind the scenes, and work as a scout and that year will fly by pretty quickly. If WWE wants to use Regal in an authority role for TV, just appoint someone to be his “Assistant” and make an announcement that he’s the new GM, but be honest about it due to legal reasons, he can’t be on TV. So Regal is the GM, makes decisions, and communicates to the fans/announcers/WWE Universe via his assistant. This will allow WWE to build a new character and as the year grows nearer to its conclusion, the assistant can start defying Regal’s decisions and that can lead to an on-air feud when Regal can return to TV. A story like this would allow Regal to be an on-air character without ever being on camera and could have a slow build to the climax when he’s able to return to TV. It’s just a thought.

What would Pro Wrestling be like today, had Vinny Mac NOT poached all the Territories for top talent? Same? Way Different? Better?

It’d be roughly the same as it is now. With cable television becoming as strong as it was, it was inevitable that someone would have taken pro wrestling nationally and destroyed the territory system. It just happened to be Vince, but it could have been Turner, Watts, or anyone else for that matter.

There is only one manager for MJF and that’s Jim Cornette. Jim Cornette is one of the greatest heel managers of all time plus fans really want to beat up Jim and have and if this was the 80s fans would try and beat up MJF. MJF and Jim are a match made in wrestling heaven plus Cornette really likes MJF. Thoughts.

It would make for great television and be incredibly fun to see, but Cornette has retired as a manager due to health issues and a strong dislike for traveling, plus there is a better chance of Ole Anderson and Vince McMahon barhopping together to pick up chicks than Cornette ever working for AEW alongside The Elite. It will never happen, but damn, it would be great if it did. We can always dream.

Who is currently the biggest name in pro wrestling? Not a former star or part-timer, but a current full-time wrestler.

That’s easy. Roman Reigns.

New Jack versus Haku. Who wins?

I think this one could be brutally fun to watch. New Jack might get some shots in to start, but the man standing at the end is not in any doubt. Haku wins.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and very appreciated. And with that being said, it’s time to go get started on what I have no doubt will be a very busy day. I can already hear plans being made for me in the other room. Damn, my head hurts. But that’s for me to deal with. Take care and be well, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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