Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Uncle Howdy, FTR, Tyrus & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Uncle Howdy, FTR, Tyrus & More
December 22, 2022

Time is fleeting, but my backlog of wrestling-related questions keeps growing. Oy vey! Let’s see if we can make a dent in them. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Who would you like to see challenge Tyrus for the NWA World Championship?

I’d like to see former NWA Champion Matt Cardona come back to the NWA and make an effort to reclaim the legendary ten pounds of gold. Dustin Rhodes would make another great challenger to face Tyrus. And hell, how about Carlito? That would be cool, right?

I know she’s just NJPW contracted at this point..but who do you think would be a good potential AEW crossover match for Sasha?

Saraya would be a natural choice. She and Sasha have a history in WWE and it was a kick by Sasha that put the former Paige on the shelf for many years. That’s the match that would work best with the current AEW Women’s Roster.

If Santa could deliver one fantasy wrestling gift what would you ask for? I’m going with a short but sweet Eddie Kingston world championship reign.

Matt Cardona returning to the WWE and winning the WWE title is the first that comes to mind. Heath Slater returning to the WWE and doing the same is also a big hope of mine. And finally, Disco Inferno shows up at Wrestlemania, interrupts a match, and says that the only reason people came to Wrestlemania was that they wanted to see the Disco Inferno dance. Any of those work for me.

Has Triple H’s WWE been the success that people first expected?

It’s too soon to say since he’s only been in control for a couple of months so far, but I will say that so far, so good. He’s making the necessary changes, building up the roster with the right people, and making WWE a must-see again.

Easy question. Your thoughts on Uncle Howdy?

So far, I’m being kept curious and excited about the possibilities. It’s a neat spin on the Bray Wyatt character and if I’m correct, will lead to the formation of the Wyatt 6 Faction, as well as the return of one of my favorite wrestlers who I’ve always bo-lieved in. I’m looking forward to seeing where all of this goes.

With Dax Harwood wrestling so many singles matches on AEW TV, and FTR losing their last 2 title matches, are AEW gonna make a huge mistake and split them?

I don’t think FTR would go along with that. Tony may have Dax wrestling more singles matches as of late, but FTR are a team, both in and out of the ring, and they signed their deals as a unit so if AEW tries to break them up, I’m sure they’ll leave as a unit. Tony Khan may have some bad booking ideas, but I don’t think even he’s that dumb to try and break up FTR.

Cody has been out for over 6 months, and Sami has been killing it over that time. Is Sami the better choice to beat Roman at WM39?

While Sami beating Roman would be a shocker and the ultimate feel-good moment, it’s not realistic as their characters stand right now. Of the two between Cody and Sami, Cody is the better choice for long-range planning and stories.

What are some of your favorite shows on the WWE Network that aren’t Raw/Smackdown/NXT/Premium Live events?

I was a big fan of the Legend’s House and wouldn’t mind seeing that return. Table For 3 and the Ride Along shows are great too. I love the behind-the-scenes stuff where we get to see the real people behind the characters.

Why did AEW announce a ladder match for match 7? When we just had match 4? You’re basically telling me the Elite will win 5 and 6 which takes away any suspense a fan might have and gives them no reason to tune in to watch matches 5 and 6.

I don’t get that either. A bad call and stupidity by Tony Khan and AEW. They just told the world that their product is absolutely fake, pre-determined, and kayfabe is 1000% dead. Yes, we know what wrestling is, but the whole idea is to provide a product that is entertaining and allows up to suspend our belief for a little while. Tony Khan and AEW just essentially told us to kiss their ass with that stupid announcement. Are they really that clueless and dumb? I say, yes!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Now I have to go eat and get ready for work. I hope you all have a great day and a very Merry Christmas. Any comments, thoughts, or questions are welcome and appreciated. And I’m out of here. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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