Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Vince McMahon, Val Venis, Kenny Omega & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Vince McMahon, Val Venis, Kenny Omega & More
January 11, 2023

I feel like I just got run over by Brock Lesnar, Angelo Mosca, Ox Baker, and Hornswoggle on the way to the Buffet Table. I’m hurting, but the fingers still work. Let’s type up a wrestling column. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Now with Vince back in WWE, what major or slight changes do you think will happen? Do you think Triple H will stay in charge of booking or will we see more of Vince taking control?

If the rumors are true and the Saudis have allegedly bought WWE, it probably won’t really matter. But who knows? As it stands right now, I think HHH will retain full control of booking and creativity. Vince has too many other things to handle and do, especially with the resignation of Stephanie yesterday.

Which awful stipulation should come back? I say the ‘On a forklift’ match as wrestling isn’t dangerous enough.

I want to see the return of the Bra & Panties matches. I’m sure the alleged new Saudi owners would love that.

Have you recovered from how good Omega versus Ospreay was? Has Kenny staked his claim to being the best in the world again?

From everything I’ve seen and heard, the match was good. Even Cornette agrees, for the most part. But Kenny is the best in the world? He’s not even in the top twenty-five.

Everyone is expecting Mercedes Mone to be Sarayas’s partner on Dynamite this week, but what if it’s Hayter who’s taken out and Mone teams with Baker instead? Sasha was always better as a heel in my opinion. Thoughts?

Sounds good to me. I’d rather see Mercedes as a heel too. Book it, Tony.

Can you see Vince coming back and screwing Roman for the title to give it back to Brock? He would be the biggest heel in the industry.

Vince claims he’s not getting involved with the creative part of WWE and leaving that to Hunter. And Brock as the Champion, one of them anyhow, would excite as many fans as it would anger. If Vince wants to be the biggest heel in the industry, he’s more likely to see the WWE to Saudi Arabia or something like that instead. Oh, wait?

If you could bring back one defunct WWE or WCW pay-per-view, what would it be? If only for the scenery, I’d love to see another Bash at the Beach.

I’d love to see the return of Slamboree: A Legend’s Reunion. I loved seeing the older wrestlers interact with the current WWE talent. There could be one or two “Legend’s Matches” as well and it would be a great place to move the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies to so it wouldn’t have to be jammed into an already over-crowded Wrestlemania weekend.

Am I crazy to want The Rock AND Stone Cold Steve Austin to enter the Rumble, both be eliminated, but set up a fourth and final match at Wrestlemania?

Are you crazy? I don’t know you so I can’t say one way or the other. Would that be cool to see Austin and The Rock in the Rumble, only to eliminate each other and thus, set up a match at Mania? Yes, that would be pretty damn cool and fun to see.

Best match stipulation for the Triple H versus Vince at Mania for the control of WWE?

Keep it simple. Both Vince and HHH pick wrestlers to represent them in the match and let it happen, winner takes all for control of the WWE. It probably won’t happen, but it could be fun to see.

With the Royal Rumble coming up and people making predictions about the surprise entrants, what is your take on the chances of CM Punk and/or Jay White showing up?

Punk is still under contract to AEW and probably wouldn’t be medically cleared to work that soon. White is working in New Japan and is the new IWGP Champion. I can’t see him appearing either. So my take? Don’t expect either of those guys to show up. Matt Cardona though? Hmmm.

Do you think they really cut off Val Venis’ pee-pee?

Not according to Tammy Sytch. She allegedly had an encounter with Val and his pee-pee not long after the choppy-choppy pee-pee incident occurred. She didn’t sound very impressed, but it still happened.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. Time to go face the world and get stressed out. I’ll see you at the matches.


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