Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Dominick Mysterio, Pez Whatley, FTR & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Dominick Mysterio, Pez Whatley, FTR & More
January 16, 2023

Happy Monday. Let’s talk wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it all starts now.

Do you think the shareholders, suing Vince for his ‘hostile takeover of WWE will make a difference in the future of WWE?

Not a bit to be honest. Vince owns like what? 83% of the company? He can do what he wants when he wants, and for those stockholders, all they can honestly do is either get mad and sell their stock (for a profit) or just stick around for the ride. Vince founded the WWE and owns the WWE in every way that matters. People can get mad all they want, but Vince is the boss and that’s the bottom line.

What will it take for AEW to become serious competition for WWE in terms of ratings?

A good booker, long-term and consistent story-telling, and has great matches that make people actually want to watch the show. Yes, it is just that simple.

Who do you think will give Konosuke Takeshita his first big win in AEW to begin his push?

From what I understand, this guy is really, really good and it won’t take much to get him over. Of course, given how badly the pushes tend to go at that company, with a strong push for three weeks and then forgotten and off TV for the next five, it’s hard for anyone to get over. Does Takeshita speak English and can he cut a promo? If not, he won’t make it with the American audience and will need a spokesperson or manager. But assuming he can talk, any good solid consistent match with one of the top mid-card performers, Brian Pillman Jr., or maybe Sammy Guevera, will work.

Rumors are that the Khans are open to an AEW/WE merger, complete with roles for Vince McMahon, HHH, etc. Thoughts?

I just can’t see it happening. Tony Khan is almost as big an egomaniac as Vince but in his own way. Vince is a control freak and so is Tony. Those two could not coexist in a business where they both think they know it all. I just don’t see it.

Sources at WWE are saying that Triple H & Stephanie oppose a sale of WWE, while Vince is all for it. Thoughts?

And then later, the same “sources” retracted that statement and said that HHH and Steph are in absolute agreement about selling the WWE, so what’s the truth? I’m thinking that the first sources are most likely the true ones, but that’s just speculation on my part. Think about it. HHH was just handed the ball and then, all of a sudden, Vince wants to sell the company. I can’t imagine HHH being happy about that.

Thoughts on Dominick Mysterio and his new role as a “changed man”?

I’m loving Dom’s new attitude and character. If you had ever told me a year ago that Dominick Mysterio would be one of the most entertaining things in WWE, I would have called you a stupid idiot and put you on “the List”. But there he is, every week, embracing this new variation of his character and killing it. It’s great and it works. I’m loving it.

Thoughts on Pistol Pez Whatley?

Pez Whatley, also known as Shaska Whatley during his time in the Mid-Atlantic region, was a fantastic performer. He wasn’t the tallest guy, standing probably about 5’10 or so, but he was wide and well-built and could move like a man half that size. Whatley was often given what would be construed as racist gimmicks, but he would get them over and was popular with the fans. A phenomenal performer in every sense of the word.

Adrian Street versus Randy Savage. Who wins?

In a shoot, my money would be on the Adorable One, but in a match, one would always have to go with the Macho Man.

FTR is taking time off from AEW to “evaluate their futures”. Thoughts?

Either they’re just riding out the contracts so that they can go back to WWE and debut with a big impact or they’re biding their time and waiting for CM Punk to get healed up so they can come back, by his side, and do things the right way with The Elite and make some big money in the process. One or the other.

Should Elon Musk buy WWE?

No. Just no.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here, friends. Take care and be well. I’ll see you at the matches.


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