Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Mansoor, Eddie Guerrero, Debuts & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Mansoor, Eddie Guerrero, Debuts & More
January 16, 2023

More questions from the vault. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Do you think going forwards AEW should reign themselves in on future superstar teases? Of course, it’s exciting when teases drop, but when undelivered on the night, it leaves a sour taste for all.

That is all Tony Khan and he has the Schiavone disease where every debut is the “greatest moment in the history of our business”. Tony gets excited and likes to hype things up to be much bigger than they are. And then, more often than not, the surprise is less than spectacular. Yeah, he definitely needs to be more careful and pick and choose his big announcements better.

What do you think really are the chances that Vince keeps to what was said in the meeting today and stays out of Creative? Also, assuming he doesn’t, what PLE do you see him taking control by? I reckon Backlash and that’s being hopeful.

Vince will not be able to remain hands-off with the creative of WWE for long. I’ve seen mentions that Vince is already making suggestions about different things and from what I understand of Vince, it’s only going to get worse. As for what PLE will he try to take over by, I think he’ll hold back until after Wrestlemania at least, to see how Hunter’s first MAnia as the boss goes. And then at some point, shortly after that, watch for Vince to lower the boom.

If Saudi Arabia buys WWE, how long until Mansoor is Universal Champion?

Before the ink on the contract is dry, we’ll hear those magic words, “Your NEW Undisputed Champion, Mansoor!”. Yeah, it won’t take long.

Do you think Solo will break away from the Bloodline and have a big push in 2023? and if so, who do you think his target will be with Reigns holding 2 of the major titles?

I can definitely see Solo being given a big push as a solo star. And while Roman might be in his sights at some point, I think the logical target for Solo will be the Intercontinental Championship and Gunther. Gunther versus Solo. Yeah, that would be an awesome feud to see.

What do you think was the best unique moment for a wrestler’s debut? For example, Santino Marella was a fan and won the Intercontinental title.

The first debut that came to mind for me was way back in the NWA/WCW when a young female fan in the audience, Robin Green, was shown as a super fan of Rick Steiner. As a fan of Steiner’s, Green was targeted and picked on by the heels, and Rick was forced to come to her defense many times. So she started working as the Valet for Steiner for a short time before turning on The Steiner Brothers. Then she got a makeover and Robin Green was no more. We now had the new manager of DOOM, the entity known as Woman. And there you go.

What’s your favorite Eddie Guerrero moment?

For me, it’s at No Way Out 2004 when Eddie nailed Brock Lesnar with the frog splash to win the WWE Championship. Of course, Eddie had a little help when Goldberg hit Brock with a spear, but that doesn’t matter. It was Eddie’s first World Championship and it was a big moment in his career.

Hey guys! Who do you think will be the Ironman/Ironwoman in this year’s Royal Rumble to then set them up for a big push or feud at Wrestlemania?

I think Liv Morgan is probably the one to watch for the Women’s Rumble match. So much is being made that she’s wanting to enter at #1 that it has to be leading to something. As for the men, I think that Dominik Mysterio is probably the one to keep an eye on.

Is this rehab with JBL really the answer for Corbin?

I was hoping that it would work and get better. I was excited about JBL and Corbin being partnered together and thought that it was the magic ingredient that Corbin was needing to get over and get that big push. But I have to admit, so far, it’s not working. Maybe a few tweaks can be made and it will catch on and work, but the more I watch, I don’t think this is it.

Is Santino Marella’s return the best return of 2023?

Well, we’re only three weeks into the year 2023 so far, and for this short period. I think Santino may be the top return thus far. But that being said, can he hold on to the spot for the rest of the year? I majorly doubt it.

Who do you guys feel is going to be number 30 in the Rumble? I’m taking a long shot and saying it might be Hornswoggle.

Number 30 in the Rumble? I think that’s when we’ll see the return and debut of the former Woo Woo Woo guy himself, Matt Cardona.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I think it’s time to go watch RAW XXX. Take care and be well, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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