Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Intergender Matches, Vince, Stephanie McMahon & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Intergender Matches, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & More
January 17, 2023

It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. It’s where the big boys play. Let’s do this.

Who’s the better heel champion: MJF or Roman Reigns?

MJF is amazing and never breaks character as a heel. I’m a big fan of his, but just for consistency and longevity, I’ve got to go with Roman and the Bloodline on this one.

With Vince’s return to WWE, it is quite likely he will assert his influence over creative, if not assume total control once again. Is this the worst nightmare for talents like William Regal, Karrion Kross, and all the other recent HHH re-hires that Vince saw no value in as little as 6 months ago?

If I was any of those Hunter brought back, I’d be a bit nervous right now for sure. So long as Vince sticks to his word and stays hands-off with creative, the folks you mentioned should be okay, but that’s the keyword. Will Vince keep his word? We’ll just have to watch and see.

Do you see a point in time when WWE features more inter-gender matches? Now I’m not talking about putting Alexa Bliss in a match with Omos or Austin/Triple H vs Lita, But more so when you look at the likes of Rhea, Bianca, Doudrop, Ronda, and Raquel Rodriguez these all look, at least, physically equal to many of there male counterparts. Chyna could have fantastic moments and matches with men in the 90’s so why not now.

WWE has already had a few six-man matches with The Judgement Day going against the OC before AJ broke his foot, so there has been some teasing Interfender activity. And Rhea has been in the face of several of the men wrestlers so never say never. Will we ever see it as prominent as it was with Chyna though? It’s a different world and that would never go over. Unless WWE decides to bring back the Mixed Match Challenge that they ran a few years ago, I think men versus women is mostly a thing of the past.

Not that I expect it to happen but how irritated would Vince be if the Rock and partners made a success of the XFL when he couldn’t?

Vince would find a way to take some of the credit. He wouldn’t be able to resist himself.

Any chance Stephanie’s resignation is leading to her starting her own company to buy her dad’s stocks? It’s basically how Vince started.

There is always a chance, but it isn’t very likely. To buy WWE, Steph would need billions of dollars in assets and money, something a start-up company isn’t likely to have. While I have no doubt that Stephanie and Hunter are resourceful, they’re not that good. The only way they could take control of Vince’s stock and full control of the company that I can see would be if something happened to Vince.

Is life imitating art now? Vince’s return and the rumors of a potential sale to Saudi Arabia have the real-life feel of his NWO storyline of “if I can’t have it, I’ll kill it”.

It does have that feel, but there’s a difference between a wrestling storyline and reality. But then again, as Curley Howard once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction, Judgey Wudgey.”

If Tully Blanchard was to go to the NWA, how would you book him?

I’d bring Tully in as a manager, the head of Tully Blanchard Enterprises, and have him scout and manage some of the younger talents who could and would benefit from his coaching and guidance. I’d have Baby Doll come back to be his “Personal Assistant” and let the two of them form a faction of heels. And as soon as he’s free from his AEW contract, I’d have Brock Anderson come in as one of his top clients and go after some NWA gold.

Tony Khan and his father are allegedly interested in a merger with WWE, with Vince McMahon retaining a position of power. Thoughts?

It’s an interesting concept but would never work. Vince working under Tony Khan? Really? Really? Yeah, that would never happen.

The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes, Roberts, Gordy) versus The Elite (Omega, The Young Bucks). Who wins?

The Elite would take that walk down Badstreet and we’d never see them again. The Freebirds would decimate Kenny and The Bucks. Total decimation!

Who had the better rookie year? Logan Paul or Hook?

Hook is still undefeated, but he just shows up randomly and hasn’t really had any kind of real competition. Logan Paul has only had three matches in the WWE so far, but he’s 2-1 and his only loss came at the hands of Roman Reigns headlining a pay-per-view event. Hook has had more matches, but Paul has wrestled bigger matches, all on big shows and at the top of the card. I would say that gives Paul a better year as a rookie.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that being said, I’m out of here. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for that Heart Punch and the foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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