Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jay Briscoe, The Nasty Boys, Al Snow & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jay Briscoe, The Nasty Boys, Al Snow & More
January 18, 2023

It’s early and the sun isn’t even up yet, so why am I? Oh yeah, the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. That’s why. Let’s do this.

Jay Briscoe passed away Tuesday night. Thoughts?

Man, this was a shock to come home to last night. I’ve never been too familiar with The Briscoes, but I’ve seen a few of their matches on YouTube from ROH and their three-match series with FTR this past year was amazing. This is just sad and I want to send my condolences from all of us here at the site to the family of Jay Briscoe. So much talent and being part of such an amazing team was taken away far too soon. It’s just sad. Rest in Peace, Jay Briscoe. You will be missed and, with brother Mark, will always be Dem’ Guys!

The Usos versus Beer Money. Who wins?

Jimmy & Jey versus Robert Roode & Cowboy James Storm. This would be a fantastic match to see and truly falls into the realm of dream matches that can still happen at some point if we’re lucky. Are you listening, Hunter? As for who wins, The Usos are great, but with this match, they’ll end the night hearing those magic words, “Sorry about your damn luck!”.

What do you think of the Nasty Boys?

Truthfully, I was a fan of Knobbs and Saggs. They were different and stood out from the crowd. Neither was a classic wrestler, but they were never boring and if they were on the card, expect chaos and entertainment. It wouldn’t be pretty and at times, could be downright nasty, but it would always be fun to see. They rarely get the appreciation they deserve or the credit, but they were a good, solid team who made a lot of history and has a good strong legacy.

What do you think of Al Snow?

I like Al. I think he’s a solid wrestler, with a quick wit, and a smart mind, and knows how to get even the corniest gimmick over. I mean look at it. A mannequin head? Really? Al is underappreciated and doesn’t get the credit he deserves sometimes, but he’s a good dude who has given a lot to our business and is as good as they come, both in and out of that squared circle.

Ernie Ladd versus Omos. Who wins?

Omos has the size advantage, which would be interesting and a challenge for the legendary “Big Cat”, but Ernie was a guy who regularly fought Andre the Giant and lived to tell about it. This could actually be a good fight and would be interesting to see. Ladd would win though, most likely with a few shots of that “injured thumb” being the cause.

Who do you want to see challenge The Elite next?

The obvious answer would be CM Punk and FTR, but that can’t happen until Punk is healed from his injuries and some people decide to grow up and do business. So to fill in the time until the Punk/FTR versus The Elite match can happen, how about the trio of Brian Pillman Jr., Brock Anderson, and Griff Garrison, managed by Arn Anderson, to give these three guys a much-deserved push and give Arn something to do at AEW while he’s sitting there under contract. Works for me.

Playboy Buddy Rose versus King Kong Angelo Mosca. Who wins?

A classic match between two classic legends who are so different, but still both so good. I love me some Buddy Rose and will always consider myself a huge fan, but in this fight, there can only be one winner and that would be the man himself, Big Nasty King Kong Angelo Mosca.

Do you consider Jimmy Garvin a “real Freebird”?

If Michael Hayes considers him a Freebird and the WWE considers him a member of the Hall of Fame faction under the title, Fabulous Freebirds, who am I to argue? Jimmy is a Freebird.

What is the best live match you’ve ever seen?

This is an easy one for me. I’ve seen hundreds of live matches over the past 40 years and there have been some damn good ones in the mix, but the best live match for me took place in Durham, NC back in, I want to say 1992, but I’m not sure of the exact year. Sometime in the early 90s, I know. A young man named Michael Youngblood took on a rookie named Ethan Storm and to say that they tore the house down and stole the show would be a huge understatement. To be honest, both Youngblood and Storm are friends of mine and the three of us rode together to that show in Durham. That ride is a story in itself, but let’s talk about the match.

Youngblood and Storm beat the holy hell out of each other, working with chemistry only two guys with an absolute trust could have. In the ring, out of the ring, and everywhere in between and they never slowed down or broke their pace. They told a story of a fight, and it took my breath away. Michael had only about 4-5 years experience at that point and Storm, not even that much, but they worked like two twenty-year veterans and it was a sight to see. I can still remember bits and pieces of the match as if it was yesterday. And the best part about it was that they didn’t even discuss the match on the ride to the show. They called it in the ring, determined to steal the show, and absolutely did just that.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that being said, I’m out of here. It’s time to go sit on the phone and wait forty-five minutes to talk to someone for three. sighs Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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