Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Blood, Cody Rhodes, Dominick Mysterio & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Blood, Cody Rhodes, Dominick & More
January 20, 2023

I woke up early to get some work done before everyone else got up. I wanted to have peace and quiet. What was I thinking? Everyone decided to get up early. I hate this place. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

What are your thoughts on blood/blading in modern wrestling? Regardless of who’s doing it (men, women, anyone). It’s a very controversial subject lately.

When it comes to blood, less is more. When a wrestler bleeds, it can be a big deal to promote the seriousness of a match and to further a story. If two people are fighting in a cage or a “death match”, get a little color. That’s okay. But when every match on a card has blood or people are bleeding just to be bleeding (Moxley), it becomes just another day at the office and defeats the whole purpose. I don’t mind blood, but make sure there’s a reason and it serves a purpose. Otherwise, why bother?

Have you enjoyed the FTR podcast and is the “heat ” that Dax is getting warranted?

I’ve enjoyed Dax Harwood’s podcast so far and it’s nice to just hear someone talk, expressing their opinions and views without trying to overreact and stir the pot. Dax has been reasonable thus far in everything he’s spoken about. The heat he’s supposedly getting is overblown and not warranted in the slightest, not in my opinion anyhow.

Who do you think will stand out in 2023?

2023 will be the year of Dominick Mysterio & The Judgement Day in WWE. And in AEW, Ricky Starks will be the man to watch. ‘Nuff said!

Is Shawn Michaels better than Bret Hart?

It’s like comparing apples to Canadian Bacon. Michaels is the better entertainer and showman. He’s a much better talker and promo guy. Bret is the better in-ring performer and technical guy. Both have their flaws and weak points, but both have their strong points as well. And both are excellent professional wrestlers. ‘Nuff said!

Who do you think will win this year’s Money in the Bank?

I’m looking for a swerve apart from the usual suspects, so let’s go with Damian Priest from The Judgement Day.

Do you think Cody Rhodes would be where he is right now if it wasn’t for AEW?

Do you mean out of action with a torn pec? I don’t think AEW had anything to do with that. Just kidding. Enjoying a role as a big star returning to the company after several years away? Yeah, we can give AEW some credit for that. If Cody was coming back after several years at Impact Wrestling or working for MLW, I don’t think his push and the excitement for his return would be nearly as great. That’s a safe assumption.

Can you see Dominik Mysterio being a singles champion in 2023? IC or US title perhaps?

I can definitely see Dominick, with the help from Mami, of course, wearing some singles gold in 2023. His character is catching fire right now and he most likely should get a big push in the months to come as a result. And for “Con Dom”, wearing some gold would be a great way to capitalize on his time spent in the joint.

Who is your favorite bald wrestler?

Do I choose Steve Austin? How about Triple H? Gallows & Anderson? Gillberg? There are so many great options and choices over the long history of pro wrestlers who are chrome domed and as Jimmy Valiant used to say, “Bald-headed geeks!”. My favorite though? Let’s go with the legendary Baron Von Raschke. And dat’ is all de’ people need to know!

What wrestling death has affected you the most?

It’s always tough to see your favorites get older and pass away and there have been several that brought sadness to my heart and a tear to my eyes when I heard of them departing this world to move on to that great squared circle in the sky. Harley Race, Blackjack Mulligan, Bobby Eaton, and Brian Christopher all come to mind. But the hardest for me personally were legendary Women’s wrestlers Ann Casey and Penny Banner. I used to speak to Penny regularly online and she was an amazing woman. And Ann? We traded letters, and cards, and even spoke on the phone several times. She was not “just another wrestler”. She was a friend. I miss that beautiful lady. RIP Ann Casey.

What are your thoughts on Jake Hager’s purple hat?

I like it. It looks cool in my opinion, and I think Mr. Hagar might be starting a trend. He rocks that hat and wears it well.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and much appreciated. I do this every day for you. And with that being said, I’m out of here. I need a shower. And a Dew Zero. And breakfast. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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