Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Brock Lesnar, The Great Muta, Greg Gagne & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Brock Lesnar, The Great Muta, Greg Gagne & More
February 23, 2023

It’s not RAW. It’s not Dynamite. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready for some ‘Rasslin? Let’s do this.

Brock Lesnar versus Omos at Wrestlemania? Really? Thoughts?

I’m hoping that this is just a swerve of some sort and is not the actual match planned for Mania. Omos is not awful, but he’s not going to draw any money and the match will be hard to watch. Remember Omos’s match against Lashley? This will be the same thing all over again, but not as good. Let’s keep praying for a swerve of some sort. And speaking of a swerve, how about this next question?

Instead of Brock versus Omos at Wrestlemania, how about a tag match with Omos & Lashley, as part of the Hurt Business, versus Brock & a mystery partner, who turns out to be his real-life hunting buddy, Steve Austin? Wouldn’t that be so much better?

That would be far better than just watching Brock try and carry Omos in a singles match. Given that both Brock and Austin are known to not be the most social of wrestlers and avoid partnerships and teams, it might be difficult to make a team of those two that makes sense, but regardless of how the match was put together, it would be far better than just watching Brock and Lashley alone.

The announcers mentioned Ivan Koloff by name during the Elimination Chamber event. Does that mean he’ll finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year? It’s certainly long overdue.

I don’t know if it’s a sign or not, but it certainly is long overdue, and Koloff, the man who dethroned Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Championship after nearly 9 years as champion, belongs in any Hall of Fame related to pro wrestling as a means to honor that moment, as well as his entire, very successful career. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this year is finally the year he gets his just-due and honored spot among the elite.

Shoot Fight: Fabulous Moolah versus Torrie Wilson. Who wins?

Fabulous Moolah wins. That old woman didn’t stay at the top for so long by being a pushover. Torrie is about being sexy and showing T&A. Moolah was about doing whatever is necessary to keep power. Moolah wins.

Chief Wahoo McDaniel versus Mr. Wrestling II. Who wins?

I don’t know if these two ever wrestled or not, but what an interesting clash in styles and personalities. Both men were legit tough and could shoot if necessary, and neither was a man who wanted to cross. I think Wahoo might have the edge and would win, but honestly, it could go either way.

Do you think The Great Muta will be a surprise inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame this year?

I don’t think that WWE let Shinsuke Nakamura go to Japan and wrestle Muta in one of his final matches without expecting anything in return. The Great Muta as part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023? Sounds good to me and I do expect we’ll be seeing it happen in about six weeks from now.

Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) recently said she’s a “free agent” and can “go anywhere”, and wants to wrestle Mickie James. Would you like to see Mickie & Sasha fight?

Mickie and Sasha fight? That would be a solid and fun match to see happen. Sure thing. Either Impact Wrestling, the NWA, or New Japan should make it happen. I’d like to see it.

CM Punk was in the audience at New Japan’s Battle of the Valley event. Does that mean he’s most likely to come back to wrestling not as part of AEW or WWE, but instead at New Japan?

I think this was Punk just going to see some friends wrestle and have a chance to ruffle the feathers of the IWC and AEW fans. Is he coming back to AEW? Will he be going to New Japan? No one knows for sure, but Punk knows that as long as the fans are talking about him and his name keeps popping up in the news, it all works to his benefit when the time to talk to Tony Khan or any other possible employer/promoter comes up. It’s just Punk being Punk and enjoying some good wrestling. Nothing more.

Opinions on Greg Gagne? I thought he would never have won a match or gotten over at all if his dad didn’t own the company.

I was not a big Greg Gagne fan and I agree that 90% of his push was due to who his father was and being the boss’s son, but he wasn’t all bad. He was solid in the ring and for the times, a good, competent wrestler. He would have had a successful career even if his name had been Greg Smith. His work with Jim Brunzell as the High Flyers was beyond reproach and it wasn’t all Brunzell by any means. Greg held his own and carried his end of the deal. Would he have been a main eventer for the AWA if someone else was the boss? Not likely, but he would have had a role in the company and was a solid mid-card guy.

Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin should form a team and challenge for the tag team titles. What do you think?

If Brock was going to go after the tag titles and needed a partner, Shelton would be the perfect person, given their history, long friendship, and similar backgrounds. Lesnar & Benjamin as the World Tag Team Champions? I like the sound of that. Maybe one day, we’ll see it happen.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here, my friends. Take care and be well. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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