Wrestling Fact or Fiction: Sami Zayn, The Elimination Chamber & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Sami Zayn, The Elimination Chamber & More
February 26, 2023

As I went over to 411mania.com to look around and catch up on some news about the world’s greatest sport, I noticed that Mr. Jake Chambers has posted a new edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction. And so, here we are with my take on the statements that Jake posted. Thanks to him and 411mnaia.com/wrestling for allowing me to play with their toys. Now, let’s get busy.

Statement #1: After losing at Elimination Chamber, Sami Zayn will never have another singles match for a WWE world championship in the main event of a premium live event.

FACT: It’s sad but true. Sami is getting the big push in WWE right now and he’s on fire, but the whole Bloodline story with Sami and Roman has been the exception rather than the rule. Sami is not a top guy as a singles star. He’s got personality, charisma, and that “it” factor going on, but Sami is not what one would consider a consistent main-event talent. The stars were aligned correctly and the Elimination Chamber event happened and let’s be honest. It was damn good. But it won’t happen again. Maybe Sami will get some co-main event matches as part of a tag team, maybe even with Kevin Owens against the Usos at Mania, but as one of the top guys, I just can’t feel it.

Statement #2: Montreal is one of the top 5 wrestling cities in North America.

FICTION: Montreal is a great city for pro wrestling, but one of the Top 5? Are there even five cities left where a hot crowd and great wrestling are consistent anymore? Montreal was great for the Elimination Chamber, but apart from that, the biggest wrestling event prior was 26 years ago with the infamous Montreal Screwjob deal. If I think of a city where the crowd will always be hot, I’ll think of Philadelphia, New York, and maybe Charlotte. I guess Mexico City too, but none of these are as consistent as they once were. Is Montreal Top 5? I don’t think so.

Statement #3: You like the way wrestlers escape a pinfall attempt by moving their shoulder at the last millisecond more than kicking out with their legs.

FICTION: To be honest, I’ve never really thought too much about it. Be it the kick-up using the full body, the arm jerking up to get the shoulder lifted, or just rolling the shoulders to get it off the mat, whatever works, so long as it’s realistic and looks good, is fine with me. I know that’s kind of a non-answer, but it’s just not a topic I’ve ever given too much thought or time to.

Statement #4: There has never been a truly amazing Elimination Chamber match.

FACT: To be honest, they all kind of blend together for me at this point, I can remember spots and moments from many of the matches, but as a whole, no particular Elimination Chamber match stands out for me as beyond outstanding. I guess when it became just another match on the PPV schedule, the uniqueness and everything that made it so special just kind of washed away. The Elimination Chambers and the unique spots are always fun to watch and leave a warm feeling in my guts, but are any really so much better than any others? I think not.

Statement #5: WWE should keep one Undisputed Universal championship and not have separate RAW and Smackdown champions.

FICTION: If there are two rosters of talent, then there should be two different and separate champions. It’s just that simple. Think of how many talented wrestlers on the roster who should be getting pushed a bit harder and could be developed into top guys, but are wasted and ignored because there isn’t a place or level for them to advance to, due to only having one champion. Roman has done an outstanding job as the Unified WWE Universal Champion, but who else is capable of doing it without pulling down the product? Cody? Drew? Lashley? I don’t think so. Two champions share the load and burden of being the faces of the company. It’s a better deal for WWE than having just one.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and again to Jake Chambers for allowing me to play with his toys for a few minutes. Questions, thoughts, and any comments are welcome and appreciated. And with that, it’s time to wrap this up. Have a great night and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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