C.A.G.E./ACW St. Andrews Knights Honors: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
C.A.G.E. & Atlantic Coast Wrestling
St. Andrews Knights Honor
March 2, 2023

Coming up this weekend at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC, on Saturday, March 4, 2023, is St. Andrews Knights Honor. It’s a joint presentation by Atlantic Coast Wrestling (ACW) and C.A.G.E. (Coastal Atlantic Grappling Entertainment) to raise money for the St. Andrews University Football Program and from everything I’ve seen thus far, I expect it to be one hell of a show. This promotion has some of the best Indy wrestlers currently working and never fails to deliver. I plan on attending the show on Saturday and will be recapping the event here at the site so be sure to watch out for it.

But why wait until Saturday night to talk about and put over the amazing talent and wrestling of ACW/CAGE when I can do it a few days earlier with a quick little prediction column? Yes, normally I save the prediction columns for the big companies and the big PPV events, but after seeing and watching some of these local guys grow and develop in the ring, as characters, as superstars of the future, I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing plenty of these same names on the WWE, AEW, ROH, and Impact Wrestling events in about 3-5 years from now, so let’s just consider this getting a head start. Does that sound like a plan or what? Let’s do this.

The Mob Boss Phil DeCarlo & A Mystery Partner versus Chief Red Thunder & The Renegade Outlaw

When I saw DeCarlo and The Renegade Outlaw wrestle back in December here in Laurinburg, I noted that it took me back to my teenage years and a match I remember in Lumberton, NC between the legendary Gene Anderson and Jay Youngblood and I said that is NOT an insult. These two guys are so smooth and fluid in the ring with DeCarlo as the sneaky veteran and Outlaw with so much fire and energy and some wicked chops. Add Red Thunder, another veteran I’ve watched wrestle many times, to the mix and it goes from exciting to holy crap. And then we get a mystery partner for DeCarlo and it goes up another notch. This is going to be a tag team match for the ages and a clinic in the art of battle. The last time they were in Laurinburg, DeCarlo got a bit sneaky and stole the win. I think this time around, we’ll see some Native American Justice prevail with Chief Red Thunder and The Renegade Outlaw chopping their way to victory.

Winners: Chief Red Thunder & The Renegade Outlaw

Angel Angels versus Garrett Sinclair

I’ve been hearing about Angel Angels from so many people over the past couple of years and watched him wrestle many times on video, but last December was the first time I’d ever seen him wrestle live and in person. To say I was impressed was an understatement. The man gets it and he is so smooth in that ring, I can easily see him getting a phone call from one of the big companies soon. Garrett Sinclair is a mystery to me and I don’t know much about him, but he’s got a good look and he’s hungry, ready to make a name for himself. My gut is saying that this should be a fun match to watch and enjoy. And as for who wins, never bet against a man with a heavenly influence.

Winner: Angel Angels

CAGE Heavyweight Championship Match
Eric Gibson (c) versus Hangtyme

A clash of styles between two amazing athletes. Gibson is the power man, all muscle, but moves like a Cruiserweight. Hangtyme is the cerebral warrior who gets under your skin, plays mind games, and when you let that guard down for even a second, takes you out and puts the boots on you. Gibson in many ways reminds me physically of a younger Brock Lesnar. He’s got the power and the moves, but not quite the killer instinct of Brock… yet! He’s getting there though and gets better with every match. I remember hearing so much about this guy when he first began wrestling and he has lived up to the hype. And Hangtyme? If you want the ultimate bad guy, who will twist your mind and your spine, this man is killing it. This will be a good match. As for who wins, it’s too close to call. Both men know their business and can kick ass. Let’s flip a coin. Head for Gibson and tails for Hangtyme. Tails it is so look for a new CAGE Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and NEW C.A.G.E. Champion: Hangtyme

Cruze Bittle versus Cham Pain

Another good match with two very accomplished veterans. Cham Pain, as everyone is aware, is an OMEGA Original, a long-time associate of The Hardys and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and a mighty fine talent in his own right. And Bittle is an established veteran of the NC Indy scene who knows how to kick butt and get things done. These are two men who are all business and will not have a bad match. This one will be a game of human chess with two masters of the ring. It could easily go either way and regardless of who wins or loses, the fans will not be disappointed. Cham Pain used to team, back in the day, with my real-world boss-man, Ethan Storm so I’ll pick Mr. Pain to take home the win here.

Winner: Cham Pain

The New Breed (Trey Walker & Tripp Cautious) versus The Quick City Assailants (Aaron Matthews & James Turner)

I watched these two teams do battle in Laurinburg back in December and I was very impressed. Two young teams who are on fire and I can easily see this match opening up an edition of AEW Dynamite on a Wednesday night. There is great chemistry and flow with these guys and all four men are good. Very good. If this is the future of professional wrestling, I think it’s in good hands. Don’t look for any rest holds or quiet moments during this match because you won’t see any. You’ll be on your feet from start to finish and out of breath when the final bell rings. There will be fast action and lots of teamwork, both in the ring and behind the referee’s back, especially where the New Breed are concerned if I remember correctly. The Quick City Assailants won their last encounter here in Laurinburg so I’ll go for the New Breed to win here and tie it up.

Winners: The New Breed (Trey Walker & Tripp Cautious)

Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion Sammy Love versus Atlantic Coast Light Heavyweight Champion Nathan Cross.

And as Mark Henry would say, now it’s time for our main event. It’s a Lumberjack Match with the St. Andrews football team surrounding the ring as St. Andrews’ own Sammy Love defends his Atlantic Coast Championship against the challenge of the New Age Villain, Nathan Cross. Both of these men are so damn good and the build for this match has been excellent. When I tell you that both of these guys deserve a phone call from NXT, I’m not exaggerating. Sammy is a second-generation superstar who has the size, and the mic skills, and gets better in that ring with every match. And Cross, he’s not quite as big, but he makes up for it in speed, skill, and the occasional bending of the rules and dirty trick. He’s not called the New Age Villain for anything. These two have a history and it will be a strong and fun match. And then adding Sammy’s teammates from the football team to the mix? Expect craziness and chaos. As for who wins, this is not the WWE. People don’t always lose in their hometown. Sammy will have to fight for it and give 1000%, but I think he’s up to the task.

Winner and STILL ACW Champion: Sammy Love

And there you go with my predictions for this epic event at St. Andrews. Am I right? Am I wrong? We’ll just have to wait until Saturday night and see. If you’re in the Laurinburg area, come over to the college on Saturday night and check it all out. It’s only 8 bucks at the door and it’s going to be one fantastic show. Of that, I have no doubt. I plan to be there, sitting in the back corner and taking notes for a recap of the event so if you see me there, come by and say hello.

I’ve seen many a wrestling show over the years and I can honestly say that I’m more excited for this one than I have been in a long time. So there you are. Atlantic Coast Wrestling and Coastal Atlantic Grappling Entertainment at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC on Saturday, March 4, 2023. The doors open at 6:00 pm and the matches start at 7:00 pm. And as Freddie Millier used to say on TBS back in the day for the glory days of World Championship Wrestling, “Be There!”.


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