Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: MJF, Matt Riddle, Rick Steamboat & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
MJF, Matt Riddle, Rick Steamboat & More
March 2, 2023

Clawing our way through life even better than Baron Von Raschke, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Do you have questions about the world’s greatest sport? I’ve got answers. And that is all the people need to know. Let’s do this.

Ox Baker versus Arn Anderson. Who wins?

Ox was physically imposing and the picture of a scary dude in the ring, but he was all about the brawl and intimidation. Arn is more of an actual wrestler and if this match had happened, it would have been a great contrast in styles and fun to watch. Ox would never be considered a great wrestler, but he knew how to entertain and put on a show for the fans. I think Arn would take home the win though.

Today is Rick Steamboat’s 70th birthday. Favorite Steamboat moment?

For me, it’s when Steamboat turned on Paul Jones at the end of a two-ring Battle Royal because he was jealous of Jones. Hey, that’s how Paul described it until his final days so who am I to object, right? Steamboat turned on Jones. But seriously, my favorite moment that comes to mind is when Steamboat and Randy Savage stole the show at Wrestlemania III. I’m not a big fan of either man, but that was one helluva good match.

Thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s DWI Conviction and should AEW drop Hardy from their roster?

I’ve met Jeff and I like Jeff. He’s a cool dude to be sure, but he got off big time with that last DWI charge in Florida. He’s a habitual offender and does not belong behind the wheel of any car again, ever. And to be honest, I think he should have gotten at least three years of jail time. I hope he can rebound and straighten his life up, but he keeps doing the same things over and over again. How long before he accidentally pulls a Tammy Sytch and kills someone? Fines, a suspended license, and community service are all well and good, but I just think that the punishment should be more severe and there should be jail time to make the point and get the message across to him.

I hope things work out for Jeff, but he’s getting off way too easily. As for AEW, Jeff is a major liability right now and until he’s sober and proves he can stay that way indefinitely, they don’t need to have him as part of their roster. He’s an accident waiting to happen. He can work Indy shows around NC and make plenty of money if needed, but for a major company like AEW, one mistake is all it would take for a major lawsuit to happen. They can’t take that chance.

AEW Champion MJF, after seeing a meme online comparing him to Alberto Del Rio, responded by saying, “Except I’m not a racist. An abuser. A bad promo. A poser. A bitch. And a drug addict. And an overrated wrestler.” Thoughts?

Everything MJF said is true and I have nothing to add. DelRio is a big pimple on the ass of professional wrestling and MJF is just telling the truth about what a reprehensible POS Del Rio has shown himself to be. I agree with Maxwell 100%.

Do you think WWE will bring Matt Riddle back to the main roster? If so, when?

I keep hearing conflicting stories as to if he’s coming back, not coming back, they’re waiting on Randy Orton to come back, Riddle’s being released, etc. I honestly don’t know what they’re planning for Riddle, but I hope he does come back. He’s a goof as a character, but the man is a damn good worker and can be a big star for the company if used correctly. My guess though, is if they bring him back, will be most likely either the night after Wrestlemania to feud with Solo Sikoa or back with Randy to reform their tag team and then eventually break up for a feud somewhere down the line. It’s WWE so who knows though? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Miz is the official host of Wrestlemania 39. Thoughts?

As the resident A-lister for the WWE and the star of The Marine franchise of movies, this makes sense. Miz is the perfect character for this role and to see him getting this opportunity to have the spotlight for a little bit, I think it’s… wait for it… AWESOME!

Thoughts on Chief Jay Strongbow?

I remember Strongbow mainly from the Apter Mags in the late 70s where he was partnered with Billy White Wolf and held the WWWF Tag Team Championship titles. I also remember the feud with Greg Valentine where they repeated the feud Valentine had with Wahoo McDaniels a couple of years earlier and Greg “broke” Strongbow’s leg. But that was all from the magazines. I’ve watched a few matches of Strongbow on YouTube, but I never really was impressed or saw much in him as a wrestler or grappler. I wish I knew more about him and could answer this question more fully, but if I don’t know what to say, I don’t know. My bad!

Dominic Mysterio & Rhea Ripley versus Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti. Who wins?

Sammy is a better wrestler than Dom by far, but Dom is currently more entertaining. Tay is legit tough, but Rhea is a monster in that ring and badass too. Right now, Dom & Rhea are so over, they would take home the victory and make that trip to the pay window. It would be a fun match, but Rhea’s size advantage over Tay would make all the difference.

Do you think Jon Moxley deserves to be the Wrestling Observer’s Wrestler of the Year? Is Mox a bigger star than Roman Reigns?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is a joke, period. Mox has had his moments to be sure, but Roman is by far the bigger star these days. It’s not even close.

What are your honest thoughts on Bron Breakker?

He’s good in the ring and has a good look to him. He has the skills of his father and uncle but isn’t quite as abrasive as the Steiner Brothers could occasionally be. Bron is going to be a big name for the WWE one day.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, it’s time to close up shop for the day. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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