Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Eric Bischoff, Naomi, Ox Baker & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Eric Bischoff, Naomi, Ox Baker & More
April 2, 2023

It’s time to take a break from watching all the great wrestling action and talk about some other wresting related stuff instead. Since coming home from work last night, I’ve watched Night One of Wrestlemania, NXT Stand & Deliver, and several episodes of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from the Network. Yes, sleep is over-rated and who needs it? And later tonight, it’s Night Two of Wrestlemania, so my brain is definitely in a state of wrestling-overloaded capacity right now. And as Jackie Gleason would say, “How sweet it is!”. What better time than to answer a few questions for the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? I can’t think of any so let’s get busy and do this.

Eric Bischoff recently stated in a recent interview, when talking about returning to wrestling, that he wouldn’t want to do anything with or be anywhere near AEW. Thoughts?

And can you blame him? As AEW is right now, it’s a massive asylum full of crazies being run by the biggest snow-fueled crazy of them all. If Eric was to go there, he would be the only adult in the Day Care Center. Eric is a lot of things, but he’s not stupid, and attaching his name to the AEW products right now would be just that. Better to just stay out of that mess.

Trinity Fatu (Naomi) is no longer under contract with WWE. What’s next for her? Thoughts?

If I’m reading the signs correctly, probably be a trip in front of Judge Judy and Divorce Court because Jimmy Uso can’t be happy about his wife sitting at home eating chocolate turtles while he’s killing it in WWE as part of the Bloodline. Naomi isn’t good enough to go to Japan and I can’t picture her having a great run as an Indy darling, so the most likely next stop would probably be AEW. If Trinity joins the AEW roster, it would greatly add to the quality of the wrestling for the AEW women’s roster which isn’t saying much, but yes, they are that bad for the most part. Go watch Britt Baker versus Anna Jay and you’ll see. So next move, Trinity will be All Elite, Lord help us all.

What did you think of the premiere of AEW All Access?

I tried to watch it and it lasted about six minutes. It’s just a weak effort by AEW to draw in the marks and finish killing the business and any sense of kayfabe that might still exist. My thoughts? It sucks!

Who would win in a fight, Repo Man vs Kool-Aid Man?

As much as I like Repo, the Kool-Aid man runs through walls daily. The Kool-Aid Man wins. Oh yeah!

Booker T versus Rick Steamboat. Who wins?

This would be a good match with both men in their primes. I’m not a huge fan of either guy, but both men are top-notch in that squared circle. I think Steamboat would win.

Dutch Mantell recently suggested that Ox Baker belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame. Thoughts?

Ox Baker was easily one of the most recognizable wrestling faces in the history of the business. While his in-ring skills were never his biggest assets, the promos and the character he portrayed were second to none. A heel in the ring who caused riots and was feared by all, Ox was also one of the nicest people outside of the ring. Hall of Fame worthy? Hell yes.

Are we heading for a four-way between the pillars for the AEW championship or do you think it’ll be a triple threat for a contender instead?

Either way would make for a great match, but I can’t see the heel champion, MJF, allowing himself to be put into a four-way match. It wouldn’t fit his character or gimmick. Probably a triple-threat with Darby, Jungle Boy, and Sammy makes the most sense, with the winner getting a title shot against Max.

I was wondering who you think the best 2nd+ generation wrestler is. I’d say David Sammartino or Ava Raine.

So many names come to mind like Roman Reigns, Curt Hennig, Tully Blanchard, Charlotte Flair, Eric Watts, Bobby Duncum Jr., Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, etc. The best though? I think I’ll go with the man once known as Blackjack Mulligan Jr., but much better known by his real name, Barry Windham.

Do you think Gunther should break Honky Tonk Man’s IC record and who should he drop the title to before getting a world title push?

Honky’s record as the longest IC Champion should never be broken. When the time comes to drop the title, Gunther should do it after a long and brutal feud to make a new star before going on to fight for the top belt.

What do you think of a DIY vs Owens/Zayn tag title feud once Ciampa returns?

DIY, Gargano & Ciampa against the NEW tag team champions, KO and Sami? That would be awesome and I’d like to see it happen.

Which would you prefer? A CM Punk booked promotion or a Jon Moxley promotion and why?

We already have a promotion based around Jon Moxley called AEW and it’s a confusing mess. As for Punk, he’s far more serious about telling a story that makes sense and everything happening for a reason and having meaning. I’ll take the CM Punk booking anytime.

If you had to say right now… Is FTR staying or going back to WWE to Re-debut with Randy Orton?

Right now, my gut says that KO and Sami will be undergoing a Revival of sorts in just a few more months. I don’t know about a union with Randy Orton, but I think the paychecks being deposited into FTR’s accounts every couple of weeks will have Triple H’s signature on the bottom.

Would AEW benefit or further decline if The Elite moved to WWE?

AEW would benefit, but it would be a pisser of a move for WWE. Omega, they could probably do something with, but the Buckeroos, there is no hope for those clowns. Those guys are poison to any promotion that they’re involved in.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that being said, it’s time to wrap this up and call it a day. Okay, I’m going to go take a nap, get some lunch, and get ready for Night Two of Mania. Hell to the yeah! So I’m out of here for now. Take care and stay well, my friends. Enjoy Mania tonight and watch out for a swerve or two and maybe an electrifying surprise after the main event. I’ll see you at the matches.


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