Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Seth Rollins, Veer, Ricky Steamboat & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Seth Rollins, Veer, Ricky Steamboat & More
April 12, 2023

It’s the middle of the night and I’m all alone. I guess it’s time to talk pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s go.

If Rey Mysterio and Omos were magically body-swapped, would you be more excited to see Rey doing Omos’ power moves or Omos doing Rey’s high-flying moves?

Seeing a guy the size of Omos doing a 619 or splash would be very interesting to see. Let’s go with Rey in Omos’s body.

If you weren’t involved in wrestling in any way, shape, or form, what do you think you’d be doing with your life?

I’d be a television weatherman. Either that or writing about comics and social issues. I would definitely still be writing and probably rich and successful. I prefer to write about wrestling though. Money isn’t everything.

If you were head of creative, what are your top priority matches/storylines? Could continue current ones or push new ones that you would create.

It would be about creating characters that mean something and the fans can identify and relate with, but also long-range storytelling that makes sense. I’d continue the stories that make sense, bring an end to the ones that I don’t like or think fall into the stupid category, and just try to deliver the best product I possibly can for the fans.

Where should Seth Rollins fit in the main event scene with Bloodline, KO/Zayn, Brock, Cody, etc?

Unless it’s winning Money In The Bank and taking advantage of the chaos to find a spot to sneak in and get the belt, I don’t think he should be involved in the craziness that is KO/Sami, The Bloodline, Cody, Brock, etc. Let Seth do his own thing and have his storylines that run separately from any others, as they should.

Who do think will be the one to defeat Jade? Taya Valkyrie or Kris Statlander?

Of these two options, I’d probably go with Taya to take down Jade and put her in her place.

Who should the rubber chicken face after the epic feud with Cody?

Disco’s duck. The chicken versus the duck. Yeah, things might get a little fowl, but just the thought quacks me up.

Did you see that Veer is coming?

I saw that on Twitter, but I didn’t even notice he was gone. I wonder how long it will take him to get to RAW this time.

Thoughts on Dom winning Money in the Bank?

Yes! That would be great. Just imagine the heat he would get from the fans and it would be a great career move for him as well. I hope that Hunter is reading this. Book it, Triple H. Make this happen.

Do you have a favorite Ricky Steamboat match?

Not really. I’ve never been a big fan of Steamboat, but I will give credit where it’s due. The tag team matches between Steamboat and Jay Youngblood against Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle were amazing. Steamboat & Youngblood versus The Brisco Brothers were damn good too. And the matches versus Flair in the late 70s, mostly at the live arena events, were instant classics that go far beyond any of the crap we see on television today. Steamboat was an amazing wrestler who never had a bad match that I’ve seen. He just wasn’t my cup of tea.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, it’s time to wrap things up and go back to bed. Take care and stay well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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