Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2023 PPV: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
Impact Wrestling Rebellion PPV
Thoughts & Predictions
April 14, 2023

Impact Wrestling will present their 2023 Rebellion PPV in Toronto at The Rebel Complex this Sunday 4/16, and of course, that means predictions. Let’s do this.

Steve Maclin vs. KUSHIDA to crown a new Impact Wrestling Champion.

KUSHIDA is a fantastic wrestler and one of the best in the world, but Maclin has long had a rocket strapped to his back as a rising star for Impact Wrestling. He’s paid his dues and his time is now.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Champion: Steve Maclin

Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo to crown a new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion.

Mickie was forced to give up the Knockouts Championship due to an injury and now, Grace & Purrazzo will fight to see who gets to wear the gold and step into Mickie James cowboy boots. Grace has changed so much over the past year or so, it’s like a different person altogether. She creeps me out. I’ll go with Deonna for this one.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Impact Tag Team Champions Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. The Motor City Machine Guns – Ultimate X match

This will be a fun and very competative match. Never bet against the old guys. The MCMG team will win the match and the titles.

Winners and NEW Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns.

Ten Man Hardcore War: Bully Ray & Kenny King & Moose & Brian Myers & Masha Slamovich vs. Tommy Dreamer & Bhupinder Gujjar & Killer Kelly & Yuya Uemura & Frankie Kazarian.

Bully Ray is as hot now as he’s ever been and I can’t see him losing. But in a match like this, he doesn’t have to lose, and there are many others who can take that fall. Bully has pretty much dominated everything with Tommy Dreamer in their most recent battles, but Dreamer made his reputation for taking a beating and always coming back for more. I think lightning will strike one more time as Tommy’s Team Impact will take the win.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer, Bhupinder Gujjar, Killer Kelly, Yuya Uemura & Frankie Kazarian.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Coven vs. The Death Dollz

I really could care less on this one. The Coven will win and retain their belts.

Winners and STILL Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions: The Coven

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham.

Miguel has been the champion for a while and has looked great during his title run, but I think the tide is changing and it’s time for the future to have a chance. I think we’ll have a new X-Division Champion and his name will be Speedball.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Speedball Mike Bailey

The Design vs. Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango & Santino Marella.

The Design, formerly known as Violent By Design, is Deaner, Kon, and Angels. Sami Callihan is involved in there somewhere as well. They’re an impressive unit and should win. I say should, but they’re going against a team that has Santino Marella and the artist formerally known as Fandango, Dirty Dango. Hendry is a serious wrestler, but Santino and Dango are mostly comedy at this point. They have no reason to win, and that’s why I think they will.

Winners: Joe Hendry, Santino Marella & Dirty Dango.

Eddie Edwards vs. PCO in a Last Rites Match.

When his back is pushed up against the wall, never bet against PCO. Never.

Winner: PCO

Heath & Rhino vs. Champagne Singh & Mahabali Shera.

Who are Singh and Shera? Are they from Bollywood? It doesn’t matter really though because Rhino is a man-beast and Heath has kids. Never bet against a man fighting for his kids.

Winners: Rhino & Heath

And there you go with my predictions for Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion 2023 PPV. So what are your thoughts on this show? Are you planning to watch or at least keep up with the results online? Let me know along with your predictions, comments, and any questions. And with that, I’m out of here. Thanks for reading. Take care and stay well. I’ll see you at the Impact Zone.


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