Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Edge, Naomi, Matt Cardona & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Edge, Naomi, Matt Cardona & More
May 6, 2023

You’ve got questions and I’ve got the answers. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s go.

Edge recently said that he only feels he has about a year left to wrestle at an “elite level”. What would you like to see Edge do in WWE in the next year or so as he winds down his career?

I’d like to see Edge maybe go after Gunther and the Intercontinental Championship for one last run with a title belt. If the WWE ever brings back the Mixed-Match Challenge, we could have Edge & Beth Phoenix compete in that tournament as well. I’d just like to see Edge show up every so often, have some good matches, cut a promo or two, and be happy. Whoever he wrestles is fine with me so long as he’s satisfied and content.

Trinity Fatu (Naomi) is back and signed with Impact Wrestling. Thoughts?

I’m glad she finally found a place where she can work and continue her career, but honestly, this isn’t a big deal. Naomi isn’t as good as she thinks she is and WWE used her the best they could. Impact will quickly learn that the only thing Naomi has working in her favor is her relatives, but she’s not good enough to be a top star for their promotion. She’s not even close.

Don Muraco versus Ernie “The Cat” Ladd. Who wins?

This would be one slobber knocker epic encounter of two legit wrestling legends. A battle of the taped thumbs. It could go either way, but most likely Muraco would be the man to pick up the victory.

Who would be your outside pick to be the first World Heavyweight Champion and why is it Kizarny?

It’s not Kizarny, but my pick is almost as good. First World Champion for this new WWE title? How about R-Truth?

Which wrestlers would do best on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and who would you have as a judge alongside Golddust and Fandango?

Ronnie Garvin in his Miss Atlanta Lively character and Ric Flair would be my two wannabes Drag Queens. As for the judges alongside Goldust and Fandango, how about Adrian Street, Rico, and Virgil?

If you could pick 10 wrestlers to do an “I’m a Wrestler Get Me Out Of Here” who would they be?

For any kind of reality series, my contestants would be Miz, Maryse, MJF, Matt Cardona, Carmella, Chelsea Green, Sable, Bayley, Enzo Amore & Stephanie McMahon.

If Danhausen was in the Attitude era who would Vince have him curse with ED first?

During the Attitude Era, probably Bret Hart & HBK for all the headaches they caused him. No more Sunny Days for Bret and HBK would be the heartbroken kid.

If WWE were to do a reboot of the League of Nations stable but with fake accents, which 3 wrestlers would you have to join Kofi Kingston doing his Jamaican gimmick?

Along with Kofi, we’d have Santino Marella, Nikita Koloff, and Lana.

Which of these matches for Omega would you most want to see in London: MJF, Okada, Ospreay, or Ibushi?

I don’t want to see any of these as Omega should be fighting CM Punk at the Wembley show, but if these other four are my only options, I’d go with Ospreay.

Matt Cardona has finished up with Impact Wrestling. Thoughts?

Matt has been working on a handshake deal with Impact for the past couple of years, allowing him to work GCW, NWA, and other Indys as well as working the Impact events, but Impact wants to lock him up under contract and Matt doesn’t want to do that. I think Matt is keeping himself free of contractual obligations so when that call comes from Triple H and it’s time to go home, he’ll be able to do just that. I don’t blame him.

And there you go with another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A in the books. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, let’s wrap things up. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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