Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: RVD, Jungle Boy, Misty Blue Simmes & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
RVD, Jungle Boy, Misty Blue Simmes & More
May 11, 2023

After more stalling than a Larry Zbyszko match, it’s back. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Logan Paul or Bad Bunny? Who’s the better WRESTLER?

Both men have been impressive in their in-ring adventures, but who was better? That’s a tough call. After that match with Damian Priest this past Saturday, Bad Bunny had the match of a lifetime that was booked just right with all the smoke and mirrors. Logan has had two huge matches with Roman & Seth and they were both among the best things on those shows. Who’s the best? I can’t decide. I’m leaning towards Logan Paul so let’s go with Logan as the better, but just barely.

What’s your honest opinion on Rob Van Dam?

A charismatic and likable guy who had a great career. The last few times that I saw him wrestle, there was a lot of air and sloppy moves. He’s a good wrestler and an ECW legend. And I don’t not like him, but he’s just not a personal favorite of mine.

Do you remember Misty Blue Simmes? Thoughts?

I do remember Misty, but just barely. She made appearances on a few of the NWA Television shows back in the early 80s, wrestling Linda Dallas if I recall correctly, and she was wearing gold as well. I don’t think it was the NWA Women’s Championship, but instead a Women’s version of the United States title. The main thing I remember about Misty mainly was in some of the wrestling magazines, she was in advertisements for adult videos and I seem to remember that she and her husband worked porn for a while. I do remember someone telling me that she did a video with Ron Jeremy and if that’s true, she must have had some major skills in adult entertainment. Okay, I just went and did the Wiki thing for Misty. Wrestled for a while and challenged Madusa for a unification match with her title and Madusa’s AWA Women’s Championship. I don’t think the match ever happened though. She was a name in the 80s when Women’s Wrestling was all, but forgotten so she deserves credit for that. And there you go.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry was recently at a convention in the UK and allegedly pissed off a lot of fans with his attitude and lack of interest. Thoughts?

I heard Jim Cornette talk about this, based on some e-mails he received from listeners and then I saw James, the man who does the podcast with Dutch Mantell, tweet about this as well that he was at the Convention and saw some of the piss-poor attitude from Perry. I don’t know Perry or much about him though, so I can’t judge. Maybe he was exhausted from the travel? Maybe he was feeling bad? Maybe someone pissed in his cornflakes? Or maybe, as everyone seems to assume, he was just a prick and didn’t want to be there. But happy or not, that’s part of the job and he was being paid to be there and promote the AEW product and interact with fans. If he failed to do so, that falls on him and it might be something he needs to work on. He’s supposed to be a babyface and needs to act like it instead of just staring at his phone. That’s what he’s getting paid for.

George “The Animal” Steele versus Cowboy Bob Orton. Who wins?

Steele would have his always handy foreign object. Orton would have that cast on his wrist that never seemed to heal. And both men would be DQed or counted out after just moments into the match most likely. If there had to be a winner, Orton would win though.

The fans at Backlash turned on Bianca Belair and Iyo Sky was a huge favorite. Is it time to turn Sky babyface?

Sky showed what she can do with that match at Backlash and looked great. Given the end of the match, where her associates in DAMAGE CNTRL got involved, I think a babyface turn is exactly what WWE has in mind, and if so, good for Sky. She deserves a good push.

Teddy Long says that Drew McIntyre should jump to AEW for a “fresh start”. Thoughts?

If Drew and WWE can’t come to terms on a new deal, then AEW would be the best place for Drew to head to next. He would get the immediate big push as a former WWE Champion and could add some freshness and life to the AEW roster with someone who looks like a professional wrestler and weighs more than 185 lbs. Teddy Long is 100% correct with this statement.

Brock got busted open last night at WWE Backlash. Does that mean that blood is back in the WWE?

Blood, when used effectively and with a purpose, adds to the matches and stories and can be an important ingredient in taking a match from good to great. Bleeding every night, as some AEW talents like to do, cheapens the effect and is major overkill. Used very sparingly, it works. And is it back in the WWE? It sure looks that way.

WWE has had PLE/Specials in Japan, Australia, England, and Puerto Rico. The only continents missing are South America and Africa. Which country would you choose for each continent to hold a PLE?

If WWE goes to South America, I would say that Brazil makes the most sense as the nation to host a PLE for the WWE. And Africa? I’m not sure what the political situation is like in Africa or how popular WWE is on that continent, but I would suspect Egypt or South Africa would be the most logical places to hold events. And you forgot a continent . There have been no PLEs in Antartica as of yet. I guess WWE is leaving that one for Tony Khan and AEW though. Tony has a lot of experience in working with snow.

Shawn Michaels versus Rick Steamboat. Who wins?

Steamboat is a great wrestler, but this one should and would go to The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, let’s wrap things up. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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